Just in case you have not seen the email communications over the past couple of weeks or talked with a volunteer, please see details about your set up for the event tomorrow. Some of this will look familiar from the registration page, but we hope you will still find it helpful.

The Literary Festival's Big Day, Oct. 1st. Pre-Event Details.


We want you to be successful. So, this newsletter is filled with helpful tips and other logistics that you need for the big day. Let's have some fun and make this the best literary festival to date. 


  • Parking is free.
  • Park in the rear lot directly behind the Little Rock Cultural Center (401 N. Myers Street, Charlotte, NC 28205).
  • The set-up crew will be setting up the area from 7:30a - 9:30a.
  • You will be able to start setting up your table at 9:30a. There are multiple events happening on Saturday, so we ask for your patience.
  • You will be assigned a table. There will be a basic plastic tablecloth, and small black and white sign with your name for the table and 2 chairs. You are encouraged to bring your favorite chair, if you like. If you have a shading umbrella, feel free to bring it as well.
  • All vendors will be provided with a small trash bag to keep their area clean throughout the day.
  • All vendors are expected to have their tables set up NO LATER THAN 10:30a.
  • A final rundown of the day will be provided to vendors from 10:15a - 10:30a.
  • Vendors who are not performing are expected to stay for the entire day (10:30a - 6:00p)
  • There will be floater volunteers to provide you with relief during the day.
  • We are working to provide all authors with a reading and signing time. Authors can sign up for their preferred reading time at check-in..
  • My call or text 704-906-0668 with questions.


  • If you have not remitted payment for your space, please remit payment today online (www.literaryfestcharlotte.com) using the donation button or call me, 704-906-0668.
  • Setup will not be permitted without receipt of payment. This does not apply to specially invited guests.

Tips To Help You Have More Success During The Day:

  1. If possible, stand. It will help you make an energetic first impression. If health conditions limit you from doing this, it is okay.
  2. Smile at everyone.
  3. Bring a blown up poster of your product or service. It will draw attention to your table and make people curious to find out more about your offering.
  4. Bring related items to your product or service offering to accentuate your table. It will create a conversation piece.
  5. Volunteer to do more than sit at your table. This will get your mingling with the crowd and an opportunity to get to know other festival participants.
  6. Bring at least a few copies of your product for sale or at least some information to hand out about your services. If you are an author, have copies of your book to sell.
  7. Practice what you will say, so your message is powerful and succinct.
  8. Create an ambiance or activity that is a draw for your table. Small crowds are good.
  9. Consider giving discounts to create a buzz.
  10. Promote the event to let your friends, their friends, your family, co-workers and social media followers where you will be. Tell people. There will be fun and engaging children and youth activities all day.
  11. Most of all HAVE FUN.

Some of these tips are borrowed from WritersDigest.com.

Call or text 704-906-0668 with questions.

Saturday, October 1, 2016 : 10:30am – 6pm
Little Rock Cultural Center : 401 North Myers Street : Charlotte, NC 28205